The Acacia Tree

January has been one incredibly filled month. Started with venturing to the Holy Land and walking the heart of the Lord in Israel. Forever changed from it. Ended by buying a house. Been a crazy process and thankful that this long escrow finally closed Jan 31st with keys in hand!

I do want to process through each day in Israel on my blog, but for now I want to share about this tree and it's significance that we learned about days before we left for Israel. After Dan Goetz, who led our trip, shared this I wanted to jump on the plane right then and go, but it would only be a few days until my eyes would be forever change.

In Genesis 13, Abraham and Lot were separating because their livestock and possessions were too great to share one area. Abraham let Lot choose where he went, trusting wherever he went the Lord would guide and provide. Hadn't He thus far proved Himself faithful, why wouldn't He continue to do so? Oh to live by this faith.

Lot choose the direction of Sodom and Gomorrah that was a lush thriving land at that time. He went for what looked good (Genesis 3:6; 1 John 2:15-16). Lot started on the outside of the city, progressed to living inside the city then at the city gate (the place of influence for the city). The sin and morality of Sodom and Gomorrah was so severe that God destroyed these cities. Through Abraham's intercession Lot was spared, though he was reluctant to leave that life behind.

God rained down "burning sulfur" and destroyed these cities (Genesis 19). Nothing there could survive the wrath of God's judgment. No man. Nothing. When you drive in the desert area around the dead sea you can see what appears as mountains and walls, which they are, but many are made of solid salt. The sea is called the dead sea or salt sea because everything in that area was once covered in salt and still has the effect of that. No life can spring or grow there because of that. Not much of anything can be sustained in that soil and nothing in that water.

In the Hebrew text, there were many "types" of Christ, pointing to Jesus. For example, the known stories of David and Goliath, Samson, etc. were examples of deliverers for Israel, all pointing to Jesus who would come and ultimately be our deliverer and redeemer.

Every piece in the tabernacle and temple point to Jesus. The laver that washes away the sin before entering, Jesus' sacrifice and blood washes away our sin. The table of bread, Jesus is the bread of life. The lampstand, Jesus is the light of the world. Those are just a few. The Ark of the Covenant represented the presence and the intercession through blood needed to be right God. Jesus came to fulfill that and His blood was in a sense poured on the "mercy seat" that covered the Ark of Covenant separating between man and God's presence. Blood spilled intercession. Christ is our ultimate and final intercessor!

The Ark of Covenant was made of two parts. Acacia wood first, then covered in Gold. Acacia and Gold. Jesus was both fully man and God. Man and God. Acacia wood represents Christ coming as man, man is from the earth as acacia wood is from the earth. Gold represents the deity and holiness of God. Fully man and fully God. Acacia and Gold.

As you drive in the desert area surrounding the Dead Sea, the only natural life you will see (besides some weed bushes) are Acacia trees!

Christ, came down as a man to bear the wrath of God on our behalf. No one can withstand the wrath, but He took it upon His shoulders for us. The only trees in the area where nothing could stand to God's wrath proclaim Christ, standing tall, proclaiming Him to be the One who could! The land speaks. The land proclaims Him! I hope that grips your heart like it does mine!

As that land proclaims Him, may my life proclaim Him in all things! I just got keys to the house I bought. I want that home, those walls to proclaim Him and be a place of refuge, refreshment, for every person that enters and leaves knowing and loving Him more by being there.

This is just a glimpse of how each new sight brought new life to scripture. Stay tuned for my processing through those days and keep me accountable to it!